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Hulls & Through-Hulls

It is a well-known fact that the hull and underwater through-hulls are considered to be some of the most critical areas needing constant inspection and maintenance. Through-hulls also serve some of the most diverse purposes on a vessel ranging from high temperature service at the exhaust to continuous high flows of sediment-laden water causing erosion on the sea chests. At Atlas Marine we know our way around them and how to ensure they offer the lasting performance you deserve. We specialize in:

  1. Complete & Partial Removal of Bottom Coat Systems

  2. Chloride Reducing Slurry Blasting

  3. Installation of bottom epoxy primer and anti-fouling system through airless spray (Never rolled or brushed and approved by all manufacturers)

  1. Orbital Abrasive Blasting

  2. Ceramic Coating Installation

  3. Ultrasound Thickness Testing

  4. Internal Pitting Gauging

  5. Weldless Crack & Damage Repair (Non-Classed Vessels Only)
  6. Articulated Borescope Inspections & Reports
  1. Hydro Cleaning

  2. Abrasive Blasting

  3. Ceramic & Teflon Release Coating Installation

  4. Cross-over & Strainer Housing Abrasive Blasting & Coating

  5. Pitting & Crack Repairs Without Hot Work (Non-Classed Vessels Only)
  1. Orbital Abrasive Blasting

  2. Ceramic Coating Installation

  3. Ceramic Sleeve Insert (Non-Classed Vessels Only)

  4. Articulated Borescope Inspections & Reports

  5. Pit Gauging & Ultrasound Thickness Testing
  1. Abrasive Blasting

  2. High-Temp Ceramic Coating Installation (550 F Rating)

  3. Pitting & Crack Repairs Without Hot Work (Non-Classed Vessels Only)

  4. Inorganic Co-Polymer Coating Installation (860 F Rating)

Tanks, Cofferdams & Void Spaces

Being able to identify what coating to use and in what circumstances is a crucial step in order to avoid downtime and to extend the life of your tanks, chain lockers, bilges and void spaces. Atlas Marine can help you tackle these obstacles and make the right decision. Each of our coating application projects are executed with a systematic and proven methodology that is based on confined space safety, absolute dust mitigation, optimal coating thickness and inspections by our in-house NACE level 3 coating inspector. This process allows us to consistently yield the best results in the following areas:

  1. Dustless Abrasive Blasting

  2. 100% Solid Coating Installation (Ready for Service in 24 Hours)

  3. Ultraviolet Holiday Testing

  4. Pit Gauging & Repair
  1. Dustless Abrasive Blasting

  2. Fuel-Compatible Coating Installation

  3. MBIC Testing

  4. Pit Filling & Gauging

  5. Weldless Crack & Pitting Repair (Non-Classed Vessels Only)
  1. Dustless Abrasive Blasting

  2. Barrier Coat Installation

  3. Lightweight Grouts For Filling Dead Spaces

  1. Steam Cleaning

  2. Dustless Abrasive Blasting

  3. Chemical Resistant Coating Installation

  1. Dustless Abrasive Blasting

  2. Ceramic Rubber Installation (Lifetime Warranty)

  3. Decorative or Barrier Coating Installation

Plumbing & Drainage

“Out of sight, out of mind” often applies to all the internal plumbing and drainages on a vessel. However, the threat of corrosion is always present and the gradual degradation of your transfer pipes, suction pipes & scuppers goes unnoticed until it’s too late. At Atlas we have specialized ways of being able to coat inside pipes and scuppers that are still operational or with minor pinholes and cracks. We can help you bring most of the following areas back to operational status or provide a lasting protection before they stop working:

  1. Internal Video Inspections

  2. Hydro-jetting (Up to 10,000 psi)

  3. Crack & Rupture Sealing (Internal Lining)

  4. Serviceable Sizes: 3/4” Diameter & Above
  1. Dustless Blasting

  2. Epoxy coat internal area of the pipe from ¾ inch dia and above (NSF Approved / Fuel Compatible / Chemical Resistant)

  3. Serviceable Sizes: 1/2” Diameter & Above